This time next week…

…I’ll be ready to fly. This time two weeks I’ll be on the Colorado slopes. This time three weeks, I’ll be in the most stunning Utah landscapes imaginable. With my new wide angle camera lens. Very excited! (Thanks to Mark Stevens on Flickr for the gorgeous image)

Be the Change

In an effort to get back into blogging, I recently stumbled upon The Daily Post, and their daily inspiration ideas.  Today’s caught my eye – What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world? I love the title – “Be the Change”, as a great and famous Ghandi quote … More Be the Change

2013 in Review : a great year, but a blog neglected.

I’d almost forgot that once a year on the last day of the year, Wordpress sends me a review of what’s gone on in my blog in the last 12 months. I remember being really chuffed last year when it arrived out of the blue and I relived some of my travels from the year, including my Sardine Run adventure and diving with sharks.

This year’s review however, was slightly disappointing. … More 2013 in Review : a great year, but a blog neglected.

What’s a girl to pack: My Can’t Travel Without list.

I’ve been packing today. As I fly tomorrow, I’ve left it late as usual, although in my defence, I have been planning for it all week. As always, I created a list on my iPhone (using the Shopshop app, a great little easy todo list app) and adding things to it as they come into my head. As a seive-brain, I find this is a minimal-stress way to prepare myself. Otherwise I’m bound to forget something. … More What’s a girl to pack: My Can’t Travel Without list.

Hello world!

So…. This is my new blog.

Or rather what my new blog will look like. I hope there will be a few more posts at some point in time, obviously. Otherwise it would be a pretty rubbish blog.

Anyway, I’m learning. Deciding what to blog about. What I want my “brand” to be, and all that. Which iPad app to use (bloody hell, that’s confusing). How to get photos the right size. Which theme to use (I think like this one…but it might change). Setting up a twitter account too. I’m definitely learning. … More Hello world!