Girl, on Independence

It’s strange when I look back at all my posts since I started blogging and contemplate the person I was back then, and how much has changed. Girl, Independent was born back in 2011 out of a frustration to get away, at least mentally, from a job I hated and into a world where I could travel and reminisce about my travels.

Back then I was a single female traveller with a bucket list that mainly consisted of diving adventures, and experiences to connect with the planet and it’s amazing wildlife. I was physically and spiritually independent.

Now, I have a job I enjoy. I don’t crave the emotional escape that writing about my adventures once allowed me. I still enjoy blogging, and I especially like reading old blog posts, strangely enough, but I don’t feel I need the therapy that I did back when I started.

I’m also no longer single. I married in Tuscany in 2013 (blog post pending, of course!) so I travel far less on my own now. Thankfully I have an amazingly understanding husband who a) loves to travel to new places and b) appreciates my love for diving while not quite enjoying the blue as much as I do…. So I still go travelling alone occasionally.

So in pondering Independence, I wondered whether I still qualify for the title of “Girl, Independent”.

I recently attended a work leadership course, (remember, I’m a traveller but also a banker!) where one of the activities was to “describe your brand in three words”. Now whatever you think of these corporate exercises, it’s an interesting concept to consider what three words you’d use to describe yourself.

No matter how else I looked at it, independent was one of the words I chose. It feels right. It’s me!

For me, Independence is less of a physical state and more of a spiritual state of mind.

So in 2015, Girl, Independent is now a happily married, happily working, occasionally solo-traveller with a plan to visit some more of this world yet, and document it occasionally here.

Westward Ho! Devon.

5 thoughts on “Girl, on Independence

  1. Getting married in Tuscany sounds amazing. I think your right about independence being a spiritual state rather than a physical one. Some of the most independently minded people I know have physical constraints that make them dependent on others. Yet I would still say they are independent.
    I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

    1. Nah – living the dream would be not having to work! Thanks for your kind words, looking forward to seeing your posts too.

      1. I agree with Brooke. Being able to say you’re happy, that you’ve traveled and that you’ve crossed some things from your bucket list is quite impressive, and a dream come true. 🙂

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