About the Picture

The photograph from my blog header is taken by an extremely talented photographer by the name of Michael Anderson. I stumbled across it one day on google images, and it encapsulated everything I wanted this blog to be….about my solo travels both in and out of the ocean.

Michael has more gorgeous travel photos over at his website, get yourself over there and take a look. That starfish print would look gorgeous on your living room wall. Seriously. And check out the Ice Cavern. Wow.

And remember kids, always ask permission before using photos online. Someone owns the rights, and makes a living out of it. Don’t steal. It’s bad.

5 thoughts on “About the Picture

  1. Cracking photo that. Went through somewhere quite similar on me bike travels, but lacked the creativity, equipment and..if I’m honest..bottle to get into the freezing water to take one like it. Absolutely beautiful.

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