Hello world!

So…. This is my new blog.

Or rather what my new blog will look like. I hope there will be a few more posts at some point in time, obviously. Otherwise it would be a pretty rubbish blog.

Anyway, I’m learning. Deciding what to blog about. What I want my “brand” to be, and all that. Which iPad app to use (bloody hell, that’s confusing). How to get photos the right size. Which theme to use (I think like this one…but it might change). Setting up a twitter account too. I’m definitely learning.

I’m reading lots of other travel blogs, to find out what I like to read. I suppose I’ll end up blogging the kind of thing I like to read. I’ve found a few I like. It feels like a nice community actually.

So. My blog. Here it is. Some posts about me and my:

  • Past travels
  • Future travels
  • Diving
  • Cats (probably)

Will appear here soon.

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Love the topics you list to blog about! Sounds like my ideal blog – diving, travelling and cats (four at home and a growing community in thailand that rejoice when they see me. I think half my wages go to feeding the stray cats of Koh Lanta!). Anyway thank you for following my blog, After reading all your posts I’m honoured you chose to follow a very new/amateur blogger like me!

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