About the Girl

As the story usually goes…. 20-something, packs job in, sells everything, travels the world, blogs about it from a beach somewhere, discovers life affirmation.

That’s not me.

I’m a 30-something banker. I live in London, with my husband and two cats. I have great friends. I drink too much and I work too hard.

I love to travel (sometimes solo), cycle, and snowboard. I love to scuba dive. Especially in warm places, but I am often stupid enough to dive in the UK. Which for foreign visitors to my blog, is not warm.

And I am not leaving my job to travel the world.

I left my first marriage around 2007, and although I did have some rather pleasant holidays pre-divorce, I always had a desire to visit Egypt. For some reason, I always wanted to see the pyramids. Far too many hours watching the Discovery channel built a longing in me to see the majestic and ancient wonders…. The first thing on my bucket list, so to speak. I really really really wanted to experience the Pyramids.

My ex at the time, preferred not to go to Egypt. We spent a lot of time in Orlando instead. Occasionally the Caribbean. Vegas, twice. But often Orlando.

Now, I like Florida. Don’t get me wrong. But not for five years running.

My marriage ended. I decided to go to Egypt.

I went to Dahab on the Red Sea and became an advanced Padi scuba diver. Then I went to Cairo. And I went inside the Great Pyramid.

I had my life-affirmation moment.

And in the airport on the way home, I received a text confirming my divorce, and I decided that this would be the beginning of going everywhere I’d ever wanted to go, see or experience.

So I’ve dived with hundreds of sharks. I’ve played with dolphins. I’ve seen lions in the Serengeti on Christmas day. I’ve snorkelled with Humpback Whales and trekked the Sumatran rainforest. And I have a thousand things on the “still-to-do” list.

Life’s too short to go to Florida five years running.


76 thoughts on “About the Girl

  1. See you are asking for ideas for your coming adventure. Please take a look at our place in Sumatra. We built it from scratch on the top of a mountain overlooking the coast and we love looking after interesting guests. http://www.airmanis.com
    Enjoy the journey and don’t hesitate to ask us for advise. Rick & Jane in Padang

    1. Oh wow that looks gorgeous! I’ll be in Sumatra in September, but unfortunately in Banda Aceh, but I’ll look you guys up next time! How’s the diving out there?

  2. No worries… if you change you plans, let us know. There is no finer place to enjoy a cold beer at sunset than our terrace.. (he says without a modicum of modesty :-). Sabang and the other islands north of BA are the place to go for great diving… our area for surfing and the mountain lakes.

    1. Wilma – do what makes you happy. And if it doesn’t, do something else! Whatever you do, you’ll learn from it, good or bad! Good luck!

    1. Moose – my advice would be – don’t put it off. Just do it. Even if it’s just for a week or so… Write a list and tick it off! Good luck!

  3. Love it! I’m truthfully a lot like your first sarcastic description of the 20-something blogger, although I do have a job in the foreign country, but I think I’m a wise enough 20-something to know to admire you! Really enjoyed your story about Donut, also.

    1. Jessica – I kinda envy 20-something bloggers as I can look back and wish I’d done it…. But the main thing is to just do it no matter when! Good on you, hope the job is going well! Thanks for the kind words.

  4. 60 is new 40, 40 is new 20, so you are about 15 right now and have everything ahead of you.My 42-year old sister told me that she feels like her life just started 😉

    Congratulations on being awesome! (and FreshlyPressed)

  5. I love your ‘About Me’ section! My blog is about my bucket list of things I want to do. I am glad you’re living your dream right now! 🙂 I live in Florida, ha ha.

    1. Ha! I have nothing against Florida, honest, in fact I’d love to visit the keys and go diving there, something I never did (we did Orlando a lot instead…)

      Love your blog, especially the quote at the top. Very inspiring!

  6. Love your “about page”. Life IS too short. Here’s to checking things off our bucket lists!


    Girl, Figuring it out. ; ) Actually, Jamie.

    1. Thanks Jamie. And anyway – figuring it out is 90% of the fun… to coin a corny phrase, it’s about the journey, not the destination!

  7. “So I’ve dived with sharks. I’ve played with dolphins. I’ve seen lions in the Serengeti on Christmas day. I’ve snorkelled with whale sharks and trekked the Sumatran rainforest.” – yes, but have you had a disabled seagull take up home in your back yard? I think not!…….yeah, you still win 🙂

    1. No. No I haven’t. Damn, there’s another thing I need to stick on my bucket list. Disabled seagulls. Damn you.

  8. I really like your pictures and I feel I can relate a lot with your story – I am about the same age as you are, I love traveling (and writing about it) and like you, I still keep a serious day job. I will come back to your blog so that I don’t forget my most pleasant New Year’s resolution for 2015: to take diving classes.

  9. Love the article, I’ve only recently started to travel and achieve my travel bucket list , my travel time is limited due to work and money so my vacations are packed with adventure and so is my blog

  10. I’ve only really discovered travelling just as I hit my thirties and I’m thrilled, although like you, it doesn’t mean packing in the job, but it has become the main focus of why we’re working. Funnily enough, our trip to the States in March involves quite a few days in Orlando!! But it’s our first time 😉

  11. I absolutely love this: “Life’s too short to go to Florida five years running.”

    Your story is so inspiring. I also had one of these moments a few years ago after ending an engagement. 🙂

    I haven’t been ballsy enough to travel solo yet…but something I would really like to prove to myself I can do (and enjoy) one day!

    1. P.S. My most current douchebag ex never wanted to go to Vegas (although he had never been!). Guess where I just booked a trip? 🙂

      1. There are plenty of other places I want to visit on my bucket list; Vegas just seemed fitting for a girls’ trip dedicated to toasting my new beginning!

  12. Your story is very empowering! As a 20-something, my newfeeds tend to be overflowing with the message you talk about with seeing the world and responsibilities coming later….I have so much respect that you can enjoy traveling and still maintain ‘real life’ stuff too- plus run a successful blog!

    Xoxo K

  13. I really enjoyed reading your page and love the theme. It works so well. I’m also glad to see a lady getting out there and doing what she loves 🙂 no age limits. May life manifest many magical memories for you and us all where we share it to enhance positivity as apposed to all the negativity of this cruel and sometimes harsh world.

  14. What a great About Me! If you’re in the UK and going to Orlando five times, I’d be Orlando’d out for LIFE! I went with 2nd fiance, then with my whole family in in 2001 and then went again for an Irish Dance competition that we turned into a four generational trip with my kidlets, my mom and my gram.

    I want to do a RTW trip with whoever wants to go but it’s in the planning stages. Only place that is a must is Thailand as my extra daughter, our exchange student lives there.

  15. Been to Florida and Orlando is overrated, the Keys.. that’s another story. I could visit the Keys every Spring Break (late March early April). Glad you got to see the pyramids, too bad it cost you your marriage. That’s independence. Brave and courageous. I like what I see on your site, so far. I’ll poke around a little later… and the photo – fantastic drew me in.

  16. Reading this I realized that I’ve clearly been taking some things for granted. I went to school in the pyramids area, so I was able to see the Great Pyramid every single day. I’m glad you enjoyed your experience in Egypt. =D

    1. I know what you mean – I live in London and totally take it for granted! Egypt is such a fantastic place, I love visiting and diving there, and Cairo was such a cosmopolitan city. I’d love to come back one day.

  17. Great looking blog!! I will follow your adventures! Florida is a wonderful place but the Keys, where I live, are the best place in Florida! Come on down for a visit!

  18. “And I am not leaving my job to travel the world.” – YES please! I tend to overwork all the time but I badly want to travel more. Stumbling upon your blog might give me some insights. Thanks! 🙂

  19. I think I’m saying the same as everyone, but I love “Life’s too short to go to Florida five years running.” I should have a similar line, I don’t. Yet.

    I’m pretty inspired by your liveaboard story, I’ve just spent about two hours, at work (shhhh), researching it. I live in Dubai, which helps. I don’t want to quite my job, I do want to go on adventures.

    So getting to the point – my question is, what company did you use. Unless you already mentioned it and I missed that bit.


    1. Hi Kiera!

      I normally travel with ScubaTravel who are a UK company and are excellent. However, I’ve also travelled with Aggressor Fleet who are US based and also very good. I can also highly recommend Dive Safari Asia, who are Uk based, but do great holidays in Asia (not liveaboards, but you get put in a group so it’s easy to make friends. I went to Indonesia with them as a single traveller, and made some great friends!). Good luck, let me know what you decide on!

      1. Wow! Thanks so much for all the info, this is my first foray into solo travelling, so wouldn’t want to start off on the wrong foot 🙂 Will let you know where I end up!

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