Morning walk around a London park

A recent morning’s walk around the park at the end of my road gave me some lovely photo opportunities.

London is a surprisingly green city, for the massive international capital that it is.

North London Park

16 thoughts on “Morning walk around a London park

  1. London does have some lovely green spaces! For me, my favourite has to be St James’ Park right in the heart of London. Always love to spot the pelicans there and watch tourists getting super excited over pigeons!

    1. I’m ashamed to say I don’t think I’ve been to St James! I work right next to Regent’s Park so I’m quite spoiled, but I might take a weekend soon to have a walk around St James!

      1. Ah you’re a lucky one! But if you get the chance and the weather is nice, I’d definitely recommend it to you! It’s right next to Green Park too, and then from there I often walk up Piccadilly to start my (window) shopping for the day!

  2. Lovely picture. I’ve only ever passed through London but did once go for a walk in a park. I’m not sure which one as I was very young. Loving the winter sunshine.

  3. I fell in love with London for the first time during my last trip. I was also taken aback about how green the city really is, with pockets of beautiful parks interlaced throughout.

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