A Photo Tour of London

London is a pretty awesome place.  I often remind myself that I live in one of the greatest cities in the world, and try and photograph it as often as I can.  Here are some of my favourite views of this great capital (and not just the famous ones!)

Red Sky Over St Pancras

It’s not often I post photos by themselves, but I stumbled across this one in my library today.  It’s a a stunning sun set over London’s St Pancras station I often forget that I live in London, and just what a wonderful city it is.

London vs NYC: a resident’s perspective

For some strange, weird reason, this week seems to be the week that loads of people want to ask me if I miss New York. I don’t know if there’s some kind of NYC-smell in the air, or Sex and the City has been rerun on Living this week, or even the fact that the southern UK is currently sweltering in NYC-like temperatures, but lots and lots of people, friends, family and utter randoms have been asking me this week if I miss New York. … More London vs NYC: a resident’s perspective