Dive200: A look back at my favourite dives

I was fortunate enough to hit a diving milestone on my last dive trip – 200 dives.

I also spent some time recently updating my new electronic dive log with all of my hand written comments from my paper log, which gave me the chance to revisit some of my favourite dives over the past 200. It was great to reminisce over all of my dives, as well as look at photos I took, and my dive profiles. One of the great things about MacDive, which is the electronic dive log I use, is that it syncs with my Suunto D4 dive computer and produces a graphic of my dive profile – showing how deep I dived, and for how long:

Mac Dive also syncs with Dive Log app  on my iPhone, which means I can take it everywhere, including on dive boats! One of my favourite features is the ability to use my iPhone gps to “create” a dive site, using the gps co-ordinates which then collates all of my dives into a world map!

So I thought it would be a good idea to start a wee post series about some of my favourite dives from my two hundred. Some are my favourites, not because they’re necessarily technical, unusual or deep dives, but because they were amazing and memorable experiences for me. You might forgive me if some of them aren’t technically dives… 😉

So…Coming soon… My first dive with sharks!

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