Tuesday Postcard – Week 1 – Market Day

So, I’ve decided a couple of things. A) I’d like to blog more often and B) I’d like to post photos of my travels more.

So I’m shamelessly stealing an idea from other travel blogs I’ve been reading (I’m sure the travelblogging community won’t mind, they’re all very nice) in starting Tuesday Postcards; a blog post series of photos of my fab travels both from past jaunts and present ones, featuring some great photos I’ve taken (in a the most modest sense I can muster)

Tuesday’s a good day to pick because I rarely post in the week, so it’ll break things up a little.

This week’s postcard comes from Market Day in a small town outside of Nairobi, Kenya. African markets are always hectic, smelly, loud, and amazingly colourful. This one was no exception. Unfortunately we didn’t stop here, we simply whizzed through on the bus on the way to our Lake Victoria campsite.

I love picking out faces in this, everyone’s so focused and has a job to do. I love the colourful ladies’ outfits, as they tend to their piles of green and yellow fruit, alongside staple groceries. We stopped at a couple of markets later in the week, but I would have liked to wander around this one….

Market day

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