Dive200: #49 – Feeding Sharks

It always amazes me how I got to almost 50 dives without ever seeing a single shark. Not even a hint of a fin in the blue distance. Nothing. Never. Even on the liveaboard the day everyone else saw the oceanic whitetip under the boat, my buddy and I were the only two who missed it. I was a bit miffed and frustrated to say the least. So pretty much the second thing that went on my bucket list after the Pyramids, was to see sharks. … More  Dive200: #49 – Feeding Sharks

Alone again (not really) – on the Grand Sea Serpent

I’d been missing dive action, after spending more time in city breaks than in the water recently. So once again I headed off into the Red (blue?) Sea as a single traveller to sample the delights of live aboard action. Even though I’m now no longer a single girl, I’m still a single diver – thankfully live aboard diving is still a great option. This year, I decided to give the Southern Red Sea a try, in the hope of some shark action. … More Alone again (not really) – on the Grand Sea Serpent